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LYNXES whistleblower system

As of July 2, 2023, all companies with more than 250 employees must offer their employees and business partners a whistleblower system. Authorities, offices and public institutions such as cities and communities with more than 10,000 inhabitants are also obliged to set up a whistleblower system. Companies with 50 or more employees have an implementation deadline of December 17, 2023.

Developed and maintained in cooperation with software experts from Germany, we offer the 

 LYNXES whistleblower system  An anonymous, data protection-compliant and end-to-end encrypted communication interface between the whistleblower and the responsible addressee. The specially developed Software as a Service solution can be easily implemented in just a few steps; it does not need to be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. Our LYNXES whistleblower system is available in 10 languages by default.


79 EUR

pro Monat

"It was important to us to provide our own, legally compliant, secure and confidential whistleblower system."

Anonymity – the most important criterion for whistleblowers

Usability – simple, user-friendly and intuitive

Legal compliance - the perfect solution for your company

Data protection – made in Germany

Safety – easy and quick to use

Laptop Messages.png


  • All received information at a glance

  • Conveniently move spam notifications to the spam box

  • Automatic reminder of legal deadlines

  • Filter functions for a targeted hint search

Dialogue between whistleblower and compliance officer

  • Dialogue in chat format

  • All relevant details for the notice at a glance

  • Internal note function for information

  • Note available as a download for further use

Laptop Dialog.png
Laptop-New Notice.png

Report a new tip

  • The whistleblower is carried out step by step 

  • The note can be protected by a password

  • Attachments in different formats possible

  • The whistleblower receives all anonymous access data for his tip


  • Overview of all notices and their current status

  • Split by notice category

  • Direct link to the individual notes per note category 

Laptop Reporting.png
Laptop Settings.png

Individual settings

  • Design your own start page for submitting information

  • Add custom notice categories

  • Assign note recipients to special note categories 

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